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RH5186(13HP) Dedicated throwing snow on Government Procurement (Hits:47) 
RH5186(13HP)   Dedicated throwing snow on Government Procurement -RH5186(13HP)
  • RH5186(13HP)   Dedicated throwing snow on Government Procurement -RH5186(13HP)
1.02 m wide table, double tires, electric start throwing snow machine.
Item No.:RH5186(13HP)

The snow blowers adopts the international advanced set of snow, throwing snow snow removal technology second-order, with the most technologically advanced, professional-level performance, the most stable engine with cold start performance, high efficiency, low fuel consumption, emissions to the European, United States EPA standards. Special sound-absorbing noise reduction exhaust system design greatly reduces noise pollution, where appropriate quarters, schools and other special needs of environmental work.

Customers can choose professional-grade gear turbine housing requirements based on environmental conditions, the introduction of a full set of advanced Italian technology and equipment manufacturing, with high efficiency, low wear, durability and other characteristics. Walking system uses friction continuously variable transmission, simple operation, the friction ring this year the introduction of international brands using rubber formulations, high temperature, wear resistance, the company after years of actual use of continuous improvement has now fully overcome the friction of the rubber ring shedding technology challenges, ease of use for each user according to the rules. Belt made of imported brands of the latest design, special envoy for the machine operating conditions, special clutch mode requirements, largely reducing the speed of the belt of aging and improve the life of critical wear parts, largely reducing the customer maintenance costs and improve the performance of the machine finishing. Pure way clutch idler finishing profiles, according to two transmission belt (V-belt, belt) design different, each of the two clutch idler different processing technology to improve the cooling rate of the belt, the belt reduces the outer skin wear and greatly reduces belt charred this common failure rate.


The snow-mouth and the blades have made the appropriate technological improvements, after Yang Xue thought blades modify significantly increased, the snow blocked the mouth improved defensive performance improvement head can be freely selected between 0-15 meters in accordance with customer demand, adapted to the needs of different work sites.


All machine parts are gradually increased over the years in accordance with national standards as well as domestic and international passenger professional sellers of proposed changes and the actual result, perfect. Now enterprises have passed ISO9001 certification, the entire production process has been fully standardized, greatly improve the level of product quality, strict implementation of 5S management, the full realization of the standardization, scale, standardized production.


This Kiyoshi, snow advanced machinery, particularly suitable for northern China, the organs, institutions, schools, car parks, squares, residential property, garden, wide selection of non-motorized vehicles and other necessary machinery winter Kiyoshi.


Important note:

1: To make your snowplow important parts of the engine will not damage, please be sure to check before each use if lubricating oil and fuel meet the standards required by the plant.

2: To protect your snowplow key element of the transmission case, use the process, please pay close attention to the bottom of the set snow wear contact with the ground clean sheet, if badly worn use, please turned over, if you need to replace badly worn. Please pay close attention to the height of the slider on both sides of the bottom set of snow, as well as wear and tear, must ensure that both sides highly consistent, turned around and use reach use requirement, please contact replacement (if there is snow blade set after serious wear and tear on both sides Security screws frequent breakage, or obvious signs of wear produced after blade contact with the ground, the above scheme is a method to solve the problem).

3: other questions, please consult the instructions or consulting firm Tel and online consultation.
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