Knowledge of steel brush roller and common brush roller(Hits:) 
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Ground in PCB manufacturing process used in the brush roller according to the functions can be divided into two categories, namely the grinding brush roller and cleaning brush roller, but accounted for the vast majority of the grinding brush roller, brush roller cleaning only finished last after cleaning or polishing Final cleaning used, the number is relatively small, and therefore referred to as the abrasive brush roller.

Abrasive brush roller by the use of the material is divided into: nylon pin brush roller, brush roller and ceramic non-woven brush roll three categories, they have their own characteristics in use.

Nylon brush roller pin PCB manufacturing industry as an early adopter of the brush roll, has a long history. According to the manufacturing process is divided into different strip wound, braided, embedded slot, hole embedded and rubber implantable five. Wherein the strip wound, braided and round hole embedded three manufacturing process ensures wire-density nylon pin wire brush can be controlled uniformity of nylon pin wire brush, thus fully meet the different needs of various customers.

Nylon pin brush roller press nylon abrasive filament needle is divided into different silicon carbide (SIC) abrasive type, alumina (ALO) and pure nylon abrasive type, whether carbide or aluminum oxide abrasive Gui its particle size distribution are all 25 # --- # 1500 among. Nylon pin brush roller is characterized by long life, moderate grinding effect.

Non-woven brush roll is later selected PCB manufacturing a type of brush rollers, according to the manufacturing process is divided into different radial (Flap type), the pellet (Disk type) and overall cavernous (Sponge type) categories. Radial (Flap type) and the pellet (Disk type), due to material, density and mix of different treatment processes, and therefore meet the different needs of various customers.

Ceramic brush roller to introduce PCB manufacturing industry is a new trend in recent years, this brush roller is especially suitable for ink removal and plug hole after PTH treatment, but because the cost is too high coupled with the recent non-woven brush roll has developed a similar function The brush roller, brush roller ceramic market share to be the kind of brush roller cost will be further reduced after further expansion.

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