To understand industrial brush whole types and purposes through the market of brush(Hits:) 
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1, Ma nails planting brush: the most traditional brush techniques, the brush roller or brush the surface of the plate punching, using horse nail-sik hair bristles bunch of a bunch implanted brush roller or brush plate, with this craft making products out of the brush application of the most extensive, first low cost, brush as consumables, the cost must be considered. Tajima nail brush tufting made roller has several drawbacks: First, the density is not enough, because between each hole punching tufting must have a certain distance, the pitch will not have a high density planting effect, in some special This horse can not use nail brush tufting machine roll industry requires high-density brush rollers job; the second is the binding force wire brush fastness is not enough, the so-called horse tack tufting method is to use a wire protruding through a slot to be pressed into "U "buckle, which is fastened to the filament after implantation good hole punch," U "type buckle cross in the hole after hole depth card firmly, so that the filaments incorporated in the roller shaft, but the tension is limited If in some special industries need to work on the brush roller, and this process will be to create a high rotational speed is not ideal.

2, spring brush: spring brush roller brush technology made to solve the high-density, fastness and other issues, the first strip brush device through a wire bristles pushed by the aluminum or stainless steel in the manufacture of strip made brush, then wrapped around the roller shaft, two pot with sub-welding in prison, in some special industrial production, but also the need to create a spring with a certain gap in the brush, because taking into account Dust and other special effects.

3, tablet brush: The brush filaments are closely packed together, and then into a particular mold using a piece of steel into the brush roll by stamping mechanism, making brush roll when brush can be multi-piece wheel series in In the roller shaft fixed together, the density of the brush wire brush made of this process can be done up, but the disadvantage is the higher cost, and slow when making efficiency.

4, injection molding brush: the brush filaments lined up into a special mold and then injection molded using the wire brush and brush plate fused together to form a whole, this process has the advantage that the binding force of the bristles of the brush plate high as it has been com, sanitation trucks currently sweeping brush is made by this process.

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